Can you help?

The ChadTough Foundation has a variety of volunteer needs coming up over the next few months.

Let us know what you are interested in. We’ll reach out to you with more details. Thank you!

Current Opportunities

Volunteer Need # Needed Timing Description
Gala Auction Solicitation 4-8 Now through April 1st Make phone calls and/or visit businesses to ask for donations (valued at $250+). List of targets and Donation Request Letter will be provided. Can also pursue additional ideas on your own. Goal is to secure 3-5 items each.
Champions for Change Gala 75 May 14 – 19 There are a variety of needs to help make the gala a success, including set-up and working the event. Click the link to see all the opportunities.
Gala Auction Delivery 4 May 21 – 23 Pick up items in Saline and deliver to winners in surrounding areas (within 30 miles of Saline)
Art Fair Booth – Lead 2-3 Planning: Mar – Jun
Art Fair: Jul 19 – 22
Work with Frances Todoro-Hargreaves, Executive Director of State Street District, to create plan for ChadTough booth next to Mden. Organize volunteers, figure out what material should be there, and oversee execution.
Art Fair Booth – Volunteer 15-20 Jul 19 – 22 Work 4 hour shift at ChadTough booth next to Mden, passing out information and selling merchandise