Originally posted on The ChadTough Foundation Facebook page

Happy Easter everyone! Easter, the day when I thank God for the gift of his son … because now I know that one day, I will be reunited with my Chad once again.

Now I’m sure there are some of you who follow this page who believe that it’s nice that I am able to cling to that … that it’s a hope that I “just need”… kind of like a “bless her heart moment.” But if you had lived the past years in my shoes and had been blessed to truly feel God’s hand in this journey, you would also have an even stronger faith in this truth. I miss my little man more than anyone can ever understand, but I have also felt the power of God and the Chadwinks that he blesses us with help to reaffirm his presence.

We just got back from a week-long cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line. A week that we desperately needed and a week full of Chadwinks. It started the day we spent in Jamaica. As we got off the chair lift at the Jamaican bobsled run, the most beautiful entirely orange butterfly flew right by me. I hadn’t even been really thinking about Chad at that moment, but there he was saying hello. A “hey mom … I’m here with you guys’ moment! Then immediately afterwards, a little blond boy with so many of Chad’s mannerisms played with CJ as we waited in any line. I was able to smile and remember.

ChadwinksThe next day as we were snorkeling in Grand Cayman. I was in an area all my myself and this orange “thing” just shone in front of me under the water … I wasn’t sure what it even was! As I got closer I realized that it was a bright orange leaf in the middle of the ocean that had come to greet me … I grabbed it and clung to it for the rest of the time I was underwater. It was so peaceful and I was able to just be amazed at his beauty and his ability to comfort in that moment.

The next day as my friend Zoe and I walked around the exterior of the boat, we noticed that there was this bright orange algae in the water surrounding our ship. At this point we just chuckled. Chad really wanted us to know that he was there with us! Then our last day, CJ and his friend Sam were snorkeling and said they saw something that looked like a bright orange ball under the water. They of course ran right over to tell me.

I can promise you that I don’t look for these things … they honestly happen when I’m least expecting them which makes them even more amazing and often times we have more of these experiences when we are on our family vacations … he wants to be there with us.

So. Happy Easter to all of you. I received this card from the Johnson family. It was in a pile of vacation mail and it really spoke to me on this special day. Chad was definitely a special little stone that has caused a huge ripple with God by his side. Watch for God in your life and I promise you will see him. Let Him in and you will feel him. God bless … He is Risen!!

– Tammi