Chad Carr birthday

My baby should have so many more birthday pictures to share, but this is the reality of DIPG. Five pictures for 5 birthdays.

So not fair.

Today Chad would have been 8 and it’s hard to wrap my head around. Eight … the age CJ was when Chad was diagnosed! What would he look like? What would he enjoy doing? How would he like school? Would he have a crush on any girls … because I know they would have had crushes on him! All these questions that will never have an answer. But forward we move.

My day started with an incredible Chadwink actually. Went to the dollar store to get some balloons and saw a random Paw Patrol one on the counter. The woman running the register told me that they were brand new and hadn’t even been given a number yet. I knew I was supposed to buy that one for sure.

Then while in line with that balloon and several other orange ones, the cutest little toe headed blond was with his mommy in front of me in line. He was probably a little younger than 2 and just like Chad was at that age, a big talker and he started chatting with me. Reminded me so much of my little guy at that age, so I gave him an orange balloon and he just beamed.

Made my heart smile and cry all at once. His mom reached out to me via Facebook later in the day telling me that she didn’t realize I was Chad’s mom until they left and then she sent me the picture of her son Asher and the balloon. I wanted take a picture at the store, but Thought she might think I was crazy 😂. She also let me know that they had made a donation to ChadTough in honor of Chad’s birthday. 🧡

The boys stayed home today and we enjoyed Chad’s favorite Tim Horton’s for breakfast and his favorite Taco Bell for lunch. Dinner will be at Ichiban of course. We also all visited the cemetery and had our own little balloon release. We each wrote a message to Chad on our balloon. Very emotional experience for Tommy especially and he ended up spending some extra time by the headstone with Tootie with a lot of extra tears. He doesn’t show emotion easily or often but it was very obvious he had a lot to get out. Proud of my boy for finally letting go 😞.

We so appreciate the notes and pictures of everyone wearing orange in Chad’s honor today … it means so much to see everyone remembering him and we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone on Saturday at the race! Thanks to the Tousa kids for their sweet scavenger hunt this morning and to our ChadTough staff who had a perfect tribute picture created. Yes he is truly changing the world!

Many of you have asked, so for those would like to make a gift in honor of Chad’s birthday, you can participate in his birthday fundraiser at And there’s still time to register for his race/birthday party at

Eight years ago today, God sent a little angel down to earth to start a big job. Thank you to everyone for helping us to continue his work. God bless and thank you so much to everyone for remembering our sweet angel. – Tammi

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