Tammi Carr Memory

This memory popped up and brought back a flood. I remember so well when Chad met this boy named Easton at the Ronald McDonald house in New York. The crazy thing was that Easton wasn’t sick…he was there with his brother. I remember watching the two of them running around having fun and they looked so similar on the outside. Happy and healthy right? It was always so hard to explain to people that Chad was actually probably the sickest child in the room. The beast that is DIPG waits in hiding for many kids giving them that honeymoon stage and then it jumps out with a vengeance.

While we were at the Ronald McDonald house I met a lot of families who had kids in treatment for other cancers and they were often times too sick to even play. And then there was Chad running around and getting invited to a birthday party in Alaska by his new friend Easton. Chad really loved having friends. But now, 3 years later, my little boy is gone….stolen and all we have left
Are the memories.

I’m so sorry that we couldn’t save you baby boy. I miss your smiles and your kisses so much that it often times brings me to my knees….there are so many times that I just want to quit if I’m being completely honest…that all of this just feels too hard. But I know that we can’t quit. That we need to keep working and fighting for all of the other children down the line. If more people had fought and pushed years ago, maybe my boy would still be here!!!

Please stand by us and continue to fight with us. It’s hard and tiring work but the children of the future deserve it!!!

– Tammi