Fundraising FAQs

Q. Does the ChadTough RunTough 5K require fundraising?
A. You are not required to fundraise, but we do encourage participants to fundraise and bring awareness to the cause. That is the reason for our existence.

Q. Does my registration fee count in my fundraising totals?
A. No. Registration fees go towards multiple expenses associated with putting on the RunTough event. A portion of the revenues of the RunTough event do ultimately go towards DIPG research, but we are unable to provide fundraising credit for your individual registration fee.

Q. I’m having technical difficulty setting up my fundraising page? Who can I contact?

Q. To whom should I make checks payable?
A. The ChadTough Foundation

Q. Are donations tax deductible? Will donors receive documentation of their gift?
The ChadTough Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit. The tax identification number is 47-4041494. All donations are tax deductible. Your donors will receive a thank you letter and tax receipt via email if the contribution is made online. Supporters who make a check donation will receive a letter in the mail shortly after we receive the contribution. Please note that registration fees are NOT tax deductible, as participants are receiving goods and services in exchange (race registration and t-shirt.)

Q. If people write checks, where do I send them?
A. The ChadTough Foundation, P. O. Box 907, Saline, MI 48176. Make sure to put your name in the memo line so that we can credit your efforts.

Q. Is there a deadline for fundraising for the 5K?
A. All donations received by Friday, September 30th, will be credited to your fundraising total.

Q. When will I receive my sweatshirt / helmet / sticker?
A. Your fundraising incentives are calculated on the total dollars you collected. We expect to mail our incentives sometime in the month of November.

Q. How should I go about fundraising?
A. We find that most of our fundraisers send out an email or a letter to their friends and family explaining that they are running in the 5K and why this cause is so important to them and to the world. Others have an event at their house or even go door to door!


Q. How do I form a team?
A. It’s up to you! A minimum of 2 individuals can form a team of any affinity of your choosing? Families, schools, church groups, etc. It is limited only to your imagination.

Q. What are the benefits of a team?
A. Forming a team can make it more enjoyable on race day, and of course, it also could potentially allow you to be more competitive for the fundraising prizes.

Q. One of my team members registered as an individual when they meant to join our team. Can we correct this?
A. Please contact to get this corrected.

Q. Can donations made to a team be split or shared among team members?
A. We are unable to split or transfer donations between individual and team individual accounts.

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