Fundraising Prizes


Runtough-FB_Cover_4While your participation will help us raise awareness and funds for pediatric brain tumors, consider becoming a fundraiser!  By clicking “Become a Fundraiser,” you’ll be able to message friends or share your passion by social media, with a goal for fundraising (set by you).

The best prize of all is one that comes with every registration: the knowledge that your efforts will increase awareness of pediatric brain tumors and help fund research.  But if you’d like something more tangible (or a way to wear your effort proudly), consider the following:


RunTough-GrandPrizesFundraisers at the $5,000 level or higher are eligible to compete for top prizes.  This year, events with Heisman Trophy winner and NFL standout CHARLES WOODSON and Country Music Star JOSH GRACIN are the Grand Prizes.  The top fundraising Team or Individual gets his or her pick of these prizes while the runner-up gets to enjoy the other!


Runtough-PrizesALL$250     ChadTough Bumper Sticker
$500     ChadTough Hoodie
$1,000  ChadTough Mini Helmet, signed by Jim Harbaugh
$2,500  4 tickets to a VIP reception with Lloyd Carr at Chop House Ann Arbor on Thursday, November 3rd


Grand Prize Detail:

  • Personal Appearance by Charles Woodson – The Heisman Trophy winner and NFL standout will spend  an hour of his time with the group of your choice (school, corporation, group of friends) anywhere in the continental US.
  • Backyard BBQ with Josh Gracin – The Country Music Recording Artist will spend an hour performing his music to the group of your choice at the location of your choice.  Included in this package is $150 gift card from Meijer.

The Fine Print
Your gift is very much appreciated and may be fully deductible as a charitable contribution; however, please be aware the IRS (and/or various state taxing agencies) may require that you offset the fair market value of certain awards or benefits received in exchange for your gift. With respect to personal appearances by celebrities and entertainers who graciously donate their time to our mission, both at The ChadTough Foundation events and as awarded to fundraising leaders, it is the understanding of The ChadTough Foundation that the fair market value of such appearances equals $0, as long as those personal appearances do not include the celebrities or entertainers being asked to do what most directly makes them famous. In the event an entertainer does do what makes them most famous, the IRS may require that the gift-giver offset their deduction by the ordinary cost paid by an individual to see such a performance (i.e., the cost of an individual concert ticket in the case of a singer performing a concert).

Please keep in mind that tax rules and guidelines may change from time to time and the foregoing is not intended as legal or tax advice. Accordingly: (i) you should not act in reliance on anything you read on this website with respect to your taxes, (ii) you should seek the advice of qualified attorney or tax professional when making deductions based on your charitable gift(s), and (iii) none of the author, The ChadTough Foundation or its directors, officers or volunteers are liable for any taxes or penalties you may be accessed.

  • Participants do not need to be present at the event to win prizes.
  • Virtual race fundraisers are eligible for the prizes.
  • Individual prizes are based on the amount raised by the individual, even if the individual is a part of a team.
  • Families can register as an individual (The Jones Family).
  • Individuals will win prizes for each level they achieve.  As an example, someone who raises $1,000 will receive the helmet, the hoodie, and the bumper sticker.  Individuals who are part of the winning Grand Prize teams are still eligible to receive the individual prizes.
  • Reception with Lloyd Carr is only available on Thursday, November 3rd in Ann Arbor at The Chop House.
  • To be eligible for the Grand Prizes, individuals or teams must raise at least $5,000.
  • Grand prize winners will be determined based on the amount raised online and received via mail or in person by 11:59pm on Friday, September 30th.
  • In the case of a tie, the grand prize winners will be chosen by random drawing by The ChadTough Foundation.
  • Grand prize winners will be contacted no later than October 7th.  Individual prizes will be distributed no later than November 30, 2016.
  • Grand Prizes must be redeemed by the end of 2017, to allow for celebrity availability.
  • Grand Prizes must work around celebrity schedules.
  • Mr. Woodson’s and Mr. Gracin’s appearances can be anywhere inside the continental United States only.  Travel for Mr. Gracin and Mr. Woodson will be covered by The ChadTough Foundation.
  • Carr family members are not eligible for fundraising Grand prizes.
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