Frequently Asked Questions

Voting Timeline

There are no losers. Each charity will be granted the following amounts:

  • Round of 48: $1,000  |  Jan 4-24
  • Round of 24: $7,500  |  Jan 25-Feb 14
  • Sweet Sixteen: $10,000  |  Feb 15-28
  • Final Four: $15,000  |  Feb 29-Mar 13
  • Winner: $100,000  |  Mar 13

What is the Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge?
Supporters may vote once per day, every day, for their coach. The coach with the most votes wins $100,000 for their designated charity.

How does it benefit the ChadTough Foundation?
The University of Michigan’s coach, John Beilein, has chosen the ChadTough Foundation as his designated charity. The more votes Coach Beilein receives, the more money goes to the ChadTough Foundation.

How do I participate?
It’s simple:
1. Visit (voting begins January 4th, 2016)
2. Log in or create a username
3. Vote every day
Voting is cumulative in each round, so we’re counting on you to make it part of your daily routine. Share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #VoteCoachBeilein.

How often can I vote?
You can vote once per day, every day. Voting is cumulative in each round. Share using #VoteCoachBeilein #ChadTough and help rally to cure DIPG and pediatric brain tumors.

Do I have to create a username and password?
In order to ensure that each person votes only once per day, you must log in or create a username for the ESPN website. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL BE SHARED OR SOLD, AND YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY UNSOLICITED EMAILS.

I voted in last year’s Challenge; do I have to create new a new log-in?
No, you don’t! Just use your existing log-in information and vote every day.

Will my personal information be shared or sold? Will I receive spam emails?
No personal information will be shared or sold, and you will not receive any unsolicited emails. Privacy policies for both and Infiniti can be found at and

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