What is DIPG/DMG?

DIPG and DMG are particularly aggressive and difficult-to-treat brain tumors typically found in children.

The cause is not known to be hereditary or environmentally influenced. There is nothing a parent did or did not do that caused DIPG/DMG to occur in their child.

The lifespan for patients with DIPG or DMG varies. Radiation has been shown to improve quality and quantity of life for some but not all. Experimental trials are continuously being initiated in the hopes of prolonging survival.

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Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is a childhood cancer that occurs in the brainstem. It primarily affects children, with a survival rate near 0%. In the U.S. alone, hundreds of children are diagnosed each year.

Learn about tissue donation

Tissue donation is essential to furthering research into DIPG. By donating tissue during and/or after treatment, patients and families play a critical role in helping researchers unlock information that may lead to treatments or a cure for children with DIPG. At no cost, families will be guided through the tissue donation process.

Launched May 2022

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Designed by families who have faced a DIPG/DMG diagnosis, mydipgnavigator.org is the unique FREE resource they wish had existed during their own fight.