The ChadTough Foundation and Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation share a common mission: to find a cure for DIPG. In 2017, we decided that we can best achieve this objective by working together to fund the most promising DIPG research. In the first two years of our grant program, we made grants of more than $3.3 million to 13 researchers.

We are committed to building the most comprehensive grant program for funding DIPG research. To achieve this goal, we are now offering three types of grants:

1. Fellowship: designed to encourage outstanding scientists to choose a career involving DIPG research.

2. New Investigator: funding newly independent DIPG researchers in establishing new DIPG research labs – OR – funding established researchers (who have not previously conducted brain tumor research) to encourage them to start DIPG research.

3. Research: supporting the work of existing DIPG researchers by providing three years of funding at $200,000 per year.

The ChadTough Defeat DIPG grants are intended to incentivize novel approaches and spark innovation to find a cure for the deadliest pediatric brain cancer, DIPG. It is no easy task. But we are confident that by working together with the passionate doctors and researchers focused on making progress on this disease, children with DIPG will finally be able to look forward to a bright future.

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