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The cancellation of most of our fundraising events has really impacted our revenue for this year. And yet, children are still getting diagnosed every day with DIPG as well as other forms of pediatric brain cancers. Science and research are even more essential in continuing this fight. The progress and momentum that has happened in pediatric brain cancer research must go on.

Here’s how you can help.

Join the ChadWink Club. A recurring gift of any level will allow us to continue funding groundbreaking research.

$10 per month funds 2 hours of research each year
$35 per month funds 1 day of research each year
$85 per month funds half a week of research each year
$165 per month funds 1 week of research each year
$700 per month funds 1 month of research each year

With YOUR help, research will continue, and we can ensure DIPG will no longer have to be a death sentence. Together, nothing will stop us.

Join the ChadWink Club

Wondering what a ChadWink is?

By Jen DeGregorio, Director of Communications

Several years ago, when Chad and his family were in the thick of their battle with brain cancer, I was sitting on a beach thousands of miles away in the Caribbean. It had been a cold, brutal winter, and although at the time I had never met the little warrior, Chad’s journey was on my mind constantly. While on the beach with my husband, I overheard the person next to me mention a University of Michigan email address. The island we were on was very remote, and it was particularly unusual to run into someone from your home state much less your town. I turned and struck up a conversation with a lovely family, making easy small talk about Ann Arbor. We were all on this particular beach because it was known for its spectacular sunsets. Under a brilliant orange sky, I asked the patriarch of the group if he had been following Chad’s story. The instant flash of sorrow in his eyes answered my question before his words even left his mouth. He had indeed been following Chad’s story. As it turns out, the gentleman I had randomly met on the beach that day was University of Michigan Regent Ron Weiser, who would become one of The ChadTough Foundation’s biggest supporters.

We call these coincidences ChadWinks.

It’s something that happens that leaves you with an overwhelming feeling of kismet, as if Chad was winking down saying, “See? Everything was meant to be.”

The term “ChadWink” was coined shortly after Chad’s death, when brilliant orange sunsets would light up the sky, offering the family comfort and solace. Since then there have been many goosebump-worthy moments that provide absolute certainty that Chad is watching over his family.

What’s your ChadWink?

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