Chas Mathis Baliatico
Chas Mathis Baliatico

Chas Mathis Baliatico with siblings Mae, Blaise, and Mackinac.

Most 13-year-old boys are busy playing sports, video games and hanging out with their friends and family.

Most believe they are not old enough to make a difference in the fight against Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). Most might be a little too shy to attempt to hold a fundraising event for The ChadTough Foundation but they shouldn’t be.

Chas Mathis Baliatico was like most 13-year-old boys — busy with school, sports, family and friends. Like many others, he followed the story of Chad Carr‘s tragic battle with DIPG. Chad’s story hit home with Chas because he had a little brother who was Chad’s exact age when he was diagnosed.

It also hit home with Erik Knuth, Chas’ dad, who played football at the University of Michigan with Jason Carr and Coach Lloyd Carr. Their whole family followed Chad’s tragic battle and said prayers together for him.

“It made me so sad to think about this sweet little boy having cancer with no hopes of a cure. My family and I prayed daily for a miracle for Chad and the Carrs,” said Chas. “We were all heartbroken when we heard Chad died.”

Every Research Dollar Counts

When Chas was just an 8th grader at Saint Lawrence Catholic School in Utica, Mich., the opportunity arose for students to hold a fundraiser of their choice. It was not a mandatory assignment, just an opportunity for students who wanted to do something to help a cause.

“I wasn’t sure if I could raise enough money to make a difference for the The ChadTough Foundation® but I wanted to try,” said Chas.

He presented his idea to the principal to hold a bake sale to raise money and spread awareness for ChadTough. The principal thought it was a great idea so Chas got to work quickly. He got help from his parents, and his younger siblings Mae (12), Blaise (7), and Mackinac (5). They also attend Saint Lawrence Catholic School and were very excited to help their big brother!

The ChadTough Foundation Bake Sale

The bake sale was held May 20th and 21st during lunch hour at the school. Chas bought chocolate chip cookies and “ChadTough” specialty cookies to sell. He also raffled a $25 gift card from Starbucks and a Philosophy skin care basket.

Overall, Chas raised $368.00 for ChadTough in two days. The bake sale also helped raise DIPG awareness to his classmates and staff at the school.

Chas Mathis Baliatico

Chas sold Maize and Blue ChadTough cookies at his school.

Proud to be ChadTough

After the bake sale was over Chas said he felt very proud and happy with the results.

He said, “I was so happy holding a bake sale for The ChadTough Foundation and I would love to do another one again in the future! I truly hope researchers can find a cure for DIPG because no child or family should have to go through the heart ache and sadness that the Carrs and many other families have gone through.”

Chas is now a freshman at Brother Rice High School in Bloomfields Hills, MI. He plans to continue his fundraising efforts to support DIPG research and awareness at his new school this year. His younger siblings also plan to continue fundraising for The ChadTough Foundation at Saint Lawrence Catholic School.

No one is too young to help The ChadTough Foundation in the fight against DIPG. Every dollar towards research counts!