Giving Tuesday

Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

Through the generosity of our incredible supporters, we finished Giving Tuesday with $98,530.66!

Chad was such a giver.

It’s so easy to see his big heart in this video.

Did you know that Chad’s final gift before leaving this earth was his brain tumor, which continues to provide researchers with critical data in the fight against Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG)?

DIPG research is accelerating thanks to family foundations like ours drawing attention to this disease, and DIPG research provides insight for ALL pediatric brain cancer treatment because it is the toughest one to treat.

Help us continue that progress by donating for Giving Tuesday.

Tommy had a heart of gold.

When his teacher, Mr. Harig, suggested the students shave their heads to honor the two students in their class with alopecia, Tommy was the first to volunteer. See him getting his head shaved in this video.

After he was diagnosed with DIPG, he insisted we visit the gift shop at the hospital each treatment so he could bring toys back for all of his friends.

He was selfless and beautiful.

Keep Tommy’s giving spirit alive by donating for Giving Tuesday.

Colt just earned his angel wings.

His smile in these photos shows his beautiful spirit.

We are heartbroken. Colt was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in 2012 and was blessed with remission. Then he diagnosed with DIPG one year ago.

Colt’s parents, Shannon and Jeff, are friends. Jeff played football at Michigan for Coach Carr. They have had an attitude, faith, and fortitude through Colt’s second battle with a brain tumor that inspired us so much.

We were worried that we had taken away their hope because they knew the realities of DIPG and because they had been there during Chad’s battle.

But they told us that we had given them hope because of all of the progress that had been made over the past few years on this disease.

Honor Colt by donating for Giving Tuesday.

Help us find a cure.

We hate that there wasn’t a cure to save Chad, Tommy, Colt, and the countless DIPG angels.

But that won’t stop us from fighting.

Yes, it’s a marathon, but it’s one worth running.

Please embody the spirits of Chad, Tommy, and Colt and give to help us reach our goal of funding one year of DIPG research through our Fellowship Program. With a $25,000 match from the Alvin L. Glick Foundation, we need $50,000 in donations to achieve our $75,000 goal.

Every dollar gets us closer to a cure!

What can one person do? Change the world!