Guest Arrival
Oversee the arrival of the guest, welcoming them and directing them to registration, to coat check, and to the reception.
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Crowd Management
Bar: Very important; get guests seated for program by 7:10pm. Cut off bar line and direct guests to dinner program area.
In: Encouraging and assisting guests as they make their way to their table area for the Dinner Program.
Out: Once program has concluded, volunteers will help guests climb stairs from floor to Postgame Party or home.
Celebrity: Make sure the ‘celebrity’ has shown up for each of the sponsor tables. If not, go find a back-up to fill the spot.
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Get all guests registered and checked into our online system which allows for auction bidding and any payment for the evening.
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Oversee guest experience during the Sponsor Pregame Party and Welcome Reception.
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Room Flip
Flip the concourse and tent areas from Welcome Reception set up to Postgame Party set up. Prepare auction items for Check Out.
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Oversee the experience of the Club Level guests. Make them feel appreciated and help ensure they have a great evening.
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Ball Toss
Oversee the Ball Toss – getting everything in place, getting balls distributed, getting payment, getting extra balls put away.
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Oversee check-out & exit: close out accounts and distribute auction items, make sure guests get a gift bag and t-shirts, ensure exit experience is as smooth as possible.
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Clean Up
Do as much clean up in the Arena and Club as possible while the Postgame Party is happening. This minimizes the work that needs to occur after the guests leave.
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