Can we inspire at least one ChadTough Garage Sale in every state by the end of 2018?

Help us raise $25,000 for pediatric brain cancer research by hosting a ChadTough Garage Sale!

Join The Effort!

  1. Register Your Sale
  2. Encourage Others To Join You
  3. Set Up Your Personal Fundraising Page (enables credit card payments)
  4. Check Out Available Tools
  5. Spread The Word
  6. Host Your Sale
  7. Make Your Donation

Wondering if there are any ChadTough Garage Sales happening near you? Check out upcoming Garage Sales here.

Register Your Sale

  • To allow us to track against our goal of inspiring at least one ChadTough Garage Sale in every state, please register your sale here.

Encourage Others To Join You

  • One of the biggest benefits of this program is the ability to share the story of the children lost to DIPG and inspire others to engage in the fight to find a cure!
  • Talk to your neighbors – see if anyone wants to donate items to your garage sale or host their own.
  • Does your neighborhood already organize a neighborhood garage sale? Why not encourage your neighbors to commit to donating a certain percentage of their proceeds to The ChadTough Foundation? Imagine how much more traffic you could drive by marketing that your neighborhood garage sale is actually a Charity Garage Sale to benefit The ChadTough Foundation?
  • If your neighborhood doesn’t already organize a neighborhood garage sale, perhaps the idea of a Neighborhood Charity Garage Sale could inspire your neighbors to join you in clearing out unwanted things while helping to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer, the leading cause of death by disease for children!
  • Take it public – take to social media and challenge your friends to join you in hosting a Charity Garage Sale to benefit The ChadTough Foundation OR to make a donation on their own.

Set Up Your Personal Fundraising Page

  • By setting up your own fundraising page, you can easily share your event with friends and family via social media and email. This gives them the ability to financially support your efforts even if they can’t come to your sale!
  • On the day of your event, if someone wants to pay using a credit card, you can have them go to your personal fundraising page and make a donation for the agreed upon amount. They will receive a receipt documenting their tax-deductible donation.
  • Go here to set up your page. It’s simple and will only take a few minutes.

Check out Available Tools

Spread The Word

  • Social Media
    • Once you’ve set your date, announce it to your friends!
    • Encourage your friends to donate items for your sale or to host their own!
    • Share your personal Fundraising Page to help announce your event and encourage donations.
  • Publicize in neighborhood Facebook Page, Website, or Newsletter
  • Publicize in the local classifieds (newspaper, website, blogs)
  • Publicize on Craig’s List
  • Publicize on Mom-to-Mom websites
  • Distribute flyers to neighbors; post flyers at local library or coffee shop
  • See if school will share information via newsletter or allow you to distribute flyers
  • On the day of the event, put out yard signs directing traffic to your sale. Consider adding orange balloons to grab attention.

Host Your Sale

  • On the day(s) of your event, display poster that says Charity Garage Sale benefiting The ChadTough Foundation.
    • Be clear with your shoppers on what percentage of the proceeds you are donating back to The ChadTough Foundation
    • Make your own poster
    • Download the digital file from the Tools section and use a business like Kinko’s to print yard signs or posters
  • Print the Informational Flyer, put into a plastic protector, and display at check out. Consider printing additional flyers to hand out to shoppers.
  • Encourage shoppers to visit to learn more.
  • Put out a bucket (like an empty cheese balls container) for additional donations at your check out station. Click here to download a printable sign.
  • Please use the Donation Submission Form found here.
  • Don’t forget to ask your employer if they match charitable donations!
  • Anything donated to your personal fundraising page will go directly to The ChadTough Foundtion.
  • To minimize fees, and to avoid sending cash through the mail, we encourage you to deposit all cash and checks collected into your checking account, then write a check to The ChadTough Foundation. Send to The ChadTough Foundation, PO Box 907, Saline, MI 48176.
  • Send a photo of your event along with any highlights to We love to see images of all the work being done on behalf of The ChadTough Foundation!

Questions? Check out our FAQ or Email