Chad with angel wings

Give Me 5 For Chad MeterOne year. Twelve Months since we lost 5 year old Chad. A year that passed so quickly, yet so slowly somehow at the same time. We’ve cried a lot this past year. But we’ve also smiled, laughed, and been inspired by those who have given their time and money to DIPG research. We will never give up. Together, we will find a cure!

In honor of Chad’s angel-versary, we are asking you to “Give Me 5 for Chad” to celebrate his 5 impactful years with us on this earth.

  • Perform 5 “Little Acts of Kindness” in Chad’s name
  • Post what you will do using #giveme5forChad
  • Tell 5 others and ask them to do the same

Pledge your commitment to “Give Me 5 for Chad” by completing the form below. Our goal is to reach 1,000 commitments by the end of the year – that’s 5,000 Little Acts of Kindness!

Thank you for supporting us and for supporting The ChadTough Foundation!