TOUGHEST Ice Melter will paint the town orange to benefit The ChadTough Foundation! It is available wholesale from Kenney Outdoor Solutions or locally at Junga Ace Hardware. As your trusted source for all your landscaping and irrigation needs we NOW offer you a great ice melter product that is effective to -15 degrees and contains all of the superior additives of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride.

Purchase at Junga Ace Hardware!

Benefits of TOUGHEST Ice Melter

  • MELTS MORE – Compared to leading brands, TOUGHEST Ice Melter is over three times more effective at temperatures below 10° F
  • MELTS FASTER – TOUGHEST Ice Melter is coated with powerful de-icing agents for superior ice melting performance
  • MELTS AT LOW TEMPERATURES – TOUGHEST Ice Melter is a four-way blend of proven performers, including Calcium and Magnesium Chloride, that melts to minus 15°
  • SAFER THAN ROCK SALT – Straight Rock Salt is deadly to grass and shrubs. TOUGHEST Ice Melter works great on ice and snow and won’t harm vegetation if used as directed
  • NO MESSY CARPETS – Many ice melters that get tracked indoors can create a “greasy” wet film on hard surfaces or damage indoor flooring. TOUGHEST Ice Melter leaves no “greasy” residue and is easily cleaned from flooring
  • FREE FLOWING – Some de-icers can turn rock hard inside the container resulting in wasted material. TOUGHEST Ice Melter is formulated with organic anti-caking agents for prolonged storage with minimum clumping