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Ann Friedholm, Executive Director of ChadTough

The holidays are tough on families who have lost a child. It’s a time when they are constantly reminded of what should have been. It’s a time of wondering which traditions their lost child would have delighted in most that year. They endure the holidays trying to enjoy as much as possible, especially for the children who remain, who deserve every happiness, but who are also acutely aware that a very important part of the family is forever missing.

Anniversaries of milestones are also tough on families who have lost a child. Birthdays, the day of diagnosis, the day hospice began, the day the child gained angel wings, and any other important day along the horrific journey they were forced to endure.

For the Carrs and many of our partner families, key milestones intersect with holiday time, making this time of year tougher than tough.

Those of us on the sidelines watch our friends re-enter the season every year as if they have been draped with a heavily weighted blanket. This is not the kind of blanket that brings comfort. It’s the kind that is uncomfortable, often feeling too heavy to carry. And it can’t be removed until the holidays pass.

And we watch, and we hurt for our friends, and we rack our brains trying to figure out how to help, wishing more than anything that we could all wake up from this nightmare they have been forced to live.

Here at ChadTough, we want to surround our DIPG families with toughness to help them get through this holiday season. We want them to feel supported, to help relieve the weight of that blanket! And we want to raise more money to accelerate researchers’ ability to find a cure!

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We are tougher together, so we are inviting you to join us to GiveTough for the Holidays!

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  • Share – tell others about Chad, Tommy, Julian, Colt, Carter, and the rest of the DIPG angels … how they deserved a fighting chance and how doctors are working hard to change the survival rate from 0%