By Tammi Carr

During Chad’s battle with pediatric brain cancer, Jason and I connected with many other families who were also fighting to save their children. We all leaned on each other and learned from each other while we navigated through our individual nightmares that all had the same monster.

After we lost Chad and started The ChadTough Foundation, we realized pretty quickly that by teaming up with other families who have fought or were currently fighting pediatric brain cancer, our efforts would be multiplied. We have a common goal — to raise awareness and dollars for more research into pediatric brain cancer. Together, we can spread our message even further to give hope to future families who will have to fight the same battle.

The ChadTough Foundation welcomes the opportunity to work with other families to inspire and fund game-changing research to discover effective treatments for pediatric brain cancer. Family Partners help spread awareness by sharing their story, raising money for research, and spreading awareness in multiple ways. You can learn about each of our current Family Partners below:

Team Tommy: The Ruddy Family

Adventurous, loving, and kindhearted, Tommy was an amazing 5-year-old boy. He loved being outdoors and doing anything sports-related. It was not unusual to see him riding his dirt bike outside while using no hands or standing on the seat for more of a thrill. He was passionate with all his heart, and loved so deeply – something evident in everything he did, even at just 5 years old. Read more about Tommy here.



Team Julian: The Boivin Family

Julian wasn’t the first 4-year-old who imagined himself a brave knight or a superhero, but he was one of the best at it. Diagnosed with DIPG on November 29, 2010, Julian fought bravely for seven months before gaining his angel wings on July 3, 2011. Julian was a wonderful big brother to Mirabelle. His baby brother, Bastian, was born after his passing, reminding the Boivins of Julian in looks and personality. Read more about Julian here.



Team Colt: The DelVerne Family

Colt made his family laugh every day. He went through so much adversity in his short 10 years, but he never once complained. No matter what obstacle he faced, he simply found a way to overcome it. Colt enjoyed music, karaoke, and watching animated movies while acting out his favorite lines. He loved fully and never held a grudge. He taught his family to find joy in everything, no matter the circumstances.

Read more about Colt here.


Team Carter: The Jones Family

Carter Jones was born on Valentine’s Day 2008, and grew into a spunky, sassy, outgoing child who loved superheroes and sports. He was always smiling and always making other people smile. Carter adored his big brother, Landon, who was three years older. He wanted to do whatever Landon was doing, whether it was playing with Legos or getting into trouble. For the Jones family, Carter is still very much a part of their everyday lives. Read more about Carter here.



Team Benjamin: The Reinhold Family

Benjamin and his twin sister, Olivia, were miracle babies from day one. They were born at 28 weeks old, with each weighing just over 2 pounds. Sweet, selfless, and sensitive, Benjamin was happiest when surrounded by family and friends. His silliness was contagious; he loved to giggle uncontrollably, crack jokes, and show off his perfected dance move — the Floss. His empathy, patience, and relatable humor instantly made you want to be his friend. He was wise, always looking at the good in both life and people. Read more about Benjamin here.


Team Lucy: The Sieck Family

Lucy is a bright, talented 6-year-old from Pfafftown, North Carolina. She loves basketball, unicorns, and all things glittery. While the world was reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sieck family received the most devastating news imaginable to a parent. On May 21, 2020, Lucy was diagnosed with DIPG. Read more about Lucy here.



Team Chika: The Albom Family

Medjerda “Chika” Jeune was just 3 days old when a massive earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, demolishing everything around her. For months afterward, Chika and her mother slept in the sugarcane fields, forging forward in extreme poverty while Haiti desperately struggled to recover. Then, at age 5, tragedy struck again: Chika was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Mitch and Janine Albom knew Chika’s only hope was to receive treatment in the United States. Read more about Chika here.



Team Emma: The Thompson Family

They say pediatric brain cancer is rare, but when you’re a part of this club that no one wants to be in, you find there are some coincidences that are simply astonishing. Just six months before Chad Carr was diagnosed with DIPG, another family’s world came crashing down. In March 2014, Emma Thompson, then just 13 months old, was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma — another “rare” form of brain cancer. Read Emma’s story here.