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The Carr family — Jason, Tammi, CJ, Tommy, and Chad — certainly didn’t set out to become a national story.

In September of 2014, however, that’s exactly what happened. Four-year-old Chad, grandson of former University of Michigan head football coach Lloyd Carr, was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, or DIPG, and given 9–12 months to live.

After enduring every parent’s worst nightmare, the Carrs reached out to their friends and family for prayers and support, which just happened to include collegiate and professional athletes as well as local and national media.

The story lit a spark.

Spreading the Word

Infiniti Coaches Charity Challenge

Help all of the families fighting this battle with DIPG and vote for Coach Beilein to win $100,000 for ChadTough.

Those athletes and coaches have stepped up to the plate for ChadTough, both because they have been moved by the story and because they know the Carr family personally.

University of Michigan head basketball coach John Beilein and his wife Kathleen have become strong advocates for the Carr family, selecting The ChadTough Foundation for this year’s Infiniti Coaches Charity Challenge, which awards $100,000 to the winning coach’s charity.

University of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh and his wife, Sarah, have also pledged their support. In addition to playing with the boys last year at the team’s practice facility, Coach Harbaugh conceptualized the “Signing of the Stars” event, which will benefit ChadTough.

A Big Opportunity

Tickets for the event are already spoken for, but ChadTough supporters still have an opportunity to contribute.

Ira Harris – a well-known Michigan donor – has offered to match up to $50,000 raised as part of the event, meaning $100,000 could go toward DIPG research.

The cause is so important that Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, and other prominent figures are attending, drawing national attention to the event. The potential to drive awareness and research dollars toward DIPG is huge.

Make A Difference

Why donate now?

DIPG has struggled to generate research dollars because it is a “rare” disease (400 children diagnosed each year), but to ignore it is to be inhumane. Not only does DIPG come on fast and furious with no hope for survival, it takes the lives of these children before they’ve had a chance to do much living at all.

Donating to the cause will provide tangible help to doctors and researchers who have dedicated their lives to finding treatment options and a cure for DIPG. These individuals are making rapid progress in what they know about treating the disease, and have done so almost entirely through private donations.

Further that cause by donating to ChadTough now through Wednesday and adding “Signing of the Stars” to the notes field.

Every dollar counts when it comes to these precious children and their families.