Oliver Lamb

Born:September 9, 2009
Diagnosed: April 6, 2013
Died: February 3, 2014

– Loving – Hilarious – Kind –

Mom, Gretchen, remembers: “Oliver lit up the world he lived in. With his curly hair, big brown eyes and super friendly demeanor it was impossible not to be drawn to him. His imagination was magical. Castles, trap setting, sword fights, dance parties; He was up for anything. Oliver’s siblings can’t remember a single day he wasn’t happy.

“He was wise beyond his years. So confident and comfortable in himself, he was always quick with a joke, hug or a kiss. He was so very easy to love!! We miss him with every breath we take. We will forever honor him by helping others however we can.”

Mom (Gretchen), Dad (Mike), brother, Kai, sister, Emerson, and brother, Atticus, want to share Oliver’s story because: “No one should ever be told “sorry there is nothing we can do for your child.” We must keep momentum moving forward. Through our story and the stories of others we can make it known that there is much work to be done. DIPG is not as rare as it seems. Our children deserve better. Together we can make things better. Through our voices and the help of others we can create progress.”