John Wangler, who was a Michigan quarterback from 1977-80, has known Jason Carr since he was a little kid. The two then worked together in the early 2000s.

“I knew the family, and so I knew Chad from the day he was born,” said Wangler. “Seeing what they went through, I always tried to help out any way I could to raise money for DIPG.”

That mentality led to Wangler bringing up The ChadTough Foundation to his Red Effect Infrared Fitness business partner, Allie Mallad.

“I talked to Allie and said, ‘these are friends of mine, and I think if there’s a way that we could invest in them and what they’re trying to do to raise money, I think it would be a great thing,” said Wangler. “Allie’s very much about giving back and being part of the fabric of the community and helping others along the way.”

That conversation led to Red Effect Infrared Fitness becoming a ChadTough Partner organization, a group of dedicated supporters who agree to earmark at least 30% of their donation toward administrative costs to eventually allow 100-percent of general donations to go toward research.

“The commitment of these businesses to come alongside us and rally to find a cure for DIPG is fantastic,” said co-founder of The ChadTough Foundation, Jason Carr.

“John has been a great friend and colleague, and it’s clear Allie and the Red Effect team feel strongly about helping ChadTough.”

Wangler isn’t the only Red Effect Infrared Fitness partner with a tie to the Carr family. Carlos Guzman, another partner in the business, is from Miami and has many common acquaintances with ChadTough co-founder Tammi Carr, who is from Miami Springs.

“We are thrilled and honored to be part of ChadTough and the mission and passion of Tammi and Jason and their family to cure pediatric brain cancer,” said Mallad.

“We look forward to bringing all of the resources and relationships nationally of our Red Effect Infrared Fitness brand, starting with our flagship location in Ann Arbor, to support ChadTough.”

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