Tammi Carr sat down Monday morning with Sam Web of Sports Talk 1050 WTKA in studio to talk about the Infiniti Coaches Charity Challenge and The ChadTough Foundation. Tammi will be a guest of the morning show each week until the challenge concludes.

“Coach Beilein is wonderful and has been a huge supporter of The ChadTough Foundation and just our family in general,” Tammi told Sam Webb.

The first round of the Infiniti Challenge closed on Sunday, January 24, with the top 24 coaches advancing to Round 2. Beilein finished the first round with a commanding lead over the competition, carrying 40-percent of the vote. Voting resets today at 1 p.m. EST, however, so it’s back to square one for another three weeks.

“We have an amazing group of ChadTough Champions as we call them,” said Tammi. “There’s a lot of great people in there that want to get involved and help and these folks are all about the vote. (They vote) everyday, (and) whoever else they can get to vote every day.”

The winning coach after four rounds of voting will receive $100,000 toward his charity of choice. For Coach Beilein, that means the $100,000 prize would go toward DIPG and pediatric brain tumor research.

“Right now brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer death in kids, period,” said Tammi.

Hear the interview in it’s entirety on WTKA.com and don’t forget to start voting today at 1 p.m. ET!