For organizations looking to go beyond event sponsorship to help find a cure for pediatric brain cancer, the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation offers annual partnership opportunities.

The Partnership Program is an opportunity for any individual, foundation or company that donates $50,000 or more per year.

We tailor partnerships to meet the goals of each partner while also meeting our mission. If you have an interest, let’s sit down to discuss options. Key benefits all partners can enjoy include:

  • Unique page within, marketing your organization and providing background on your commitment to the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation
  • Sponsorship presence at marquee events
  • Recognition periodically through all ChadTough social media outlets

To learn more, contact our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Monica Brancheau at [email protected]


Alro Steel

In 2011, the families of Al Glick and Robert Glick presented Lloyd Carr with a significant honor: the naming of the Coach Carr Unit at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.


The Bose family is made up of hard-working men and women focused on delivering automotive experiences that bring the vehicle to life. Working with integrity, collaboratively, and with a sense of community and family is extremely important to them. They believe in the mission, vision, and values of the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation and understand that passion and dedication can create real change.

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Latcha & Associates

Dave and Jennifer Latcha were introduced to ChadTough when they attended the first Champions for Change Gala in 2017 with friends. They were so moved after the event, they approached Tammi Carr and simply said, “We want to help!”

Shaker Recruitment Marketing

A recruitment marketing pioneer since 1951, Shaker is a full-service agency specializing in highly customized communications and strategies for attracting and retaining the right talent…in the right places, with the right messages.

The Sanger Family Foundation-1

Sanger Foundation

Karen and Stephen attended the first ChadTough gala and have stayed involved ever since. “What ChadTough has accomplished in such a small amount of time is nothing short of amazing, and we are proud to be a Partner.” The Sanger Family Foundation grants ChadTough dollars to help cover administrative costs, which ensures more funds go directly to research.

The Jones Family Foundation

It was pure happenstance when Tammi Carr became the Executive Director of Wayne and Shelly Jones’ foundation, The Jones Family Foundation, in 2009. Wayne and Shelly were looking for someone to head up their foundation when they met Tammi through her development position at Michigan Medicine.

“It worked out,” said Shelly Jones. “It was perfect.”

Jones_Logo_1_2018 copy

The M Den

“We’re partners with the Michigan athletic department, we’re partners with the alumni association, we’re partners in many, many ways around this university,” he said. “And now we can say we’re a partner of the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation as well.

The Weiser Family

When University of Michigan Regent Ron Weiser heard that Chad Carr was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, the news hit him hard. Even though he did not personally know the Carr family, the idea of a family bearing the news that their 4-year-old child was likely going to die — and there was nothing that could be done — was intolerable. He knew he had to do something, anything to help.

ZFLF-1-Primary Color

Zatkoff Family Legacy Fund

The Zatkoff family has been involved with Chadtough since it’s early days once they heard of Chad Carr. Through their Zatkoff Family Legacy Fund, the family has sponsored a variety of grants since 2020. “We wholeheartedly support the children and families battling DIPG and are proud to stand with Chadtough as we find a cure for this horrible disease.”

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