Curing DIPG Is Tough, But We're Tougher!

In the fight for a DIPG/DMG cure, we help patients and families by funding game-changing research and providing navigation throughout their journey.


What is DIPG?

DIPG is a devastating type of childhood brain tumor. It impairs a kid's ability to see, move, eat, talk, and even breathe. These aggressive tumors are vexingly hard to treat and are almost always fatal.


A cure for DIPG is within reach.

Researchers have made great strides in understanding DIPG, but much more research is needed to discover truly effective treatments.


We Fight For Joseph

Meet 18 year old Joseph Purdue. A multi-year starter for his high
school football team in Murrysville, PA, Joe was looking forward to going to Steelers’ Youth Football camp after high school graduation and spending time with friends before going off to college in the fall. But his body had different plans.

Joseph was diagnosed with DIPG in July 2022.


Research Workshop

May 12-13, 2023 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Researchers and foundation partners are invited to our inaugural Research Workshop and Gala Weekend. This event is a forum for researchers to collaborate, especially on unpublished work. Partners can learn about the research they help fund.


2023 ChadTough Gala

The 5th annual ChadTough Gala will be held on May 13, 2023 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Please join us for an incredibly moving evening, hosted this year by the coaches of the U-M Men’s and Women’s Basketball Programs.


Our nurses bring help.

We offer dedicated 1-on-1 support for families battling DIPG.

My DIPG Navigator Nurses

Our research brings hope.

We directly fund the most promising, innovative research.

My DIPG Navigator Nurses

The perception of time can be altered by four simple letters… DIPG

Time is not on our side with a DIPG diagnosis. We need to give hope to future families by funding game-changing research now.

Our Founding Families

After the devastating loss of their sons, Chad and Michael, the Carr and Mosier families joined forces to defeat DIPG.

Our Family Partners

We welcome the help of families who want to honor their children by joining us in the search for a cure for DIPG.