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Teaming Together for a Cure

Finding a cure for pediatric brain cancer is no easy task. It will not be cured by one doctor, one institution, or one organization’s efforts. We believe a collaborative approach is the only way a cure will be found. We welcome the help of other organizations who want to join us in funding DIPG/DMG research. Our comprehensive grant program is designed to incentivize novel approaches and spark innovation to find a cure for the deadliest pediatric brain cancer. The ChadTough Defeat DIPG Scientific Advisory Council (SAC), comprised of leading DIPG experts, engages in a rigorous review of the research funding applications the foundations receives, to ensure the foundation uses its resources effectively to fund the most promising DIPG research.

The ChadTough Defeat DIPG Research Partner Program offers three mechanisms for other organizations to partner with us in funding the most promising research on treatments for DIPG/DMG. Together, we can accelerate progress toward a cure.

Interested in becoming a research partner? Contact Shani Inge at:

Partner Opportunities

Research Co-funder $25,000+

Current Co-funders
  • Option to choose grant to apply funding
  • Logo featured on Research Partner page on
  • Bi-annual meeting to learn about new grants
  • For each additional $25K contribution, Co-funder has the option to choose an additional grant
  • Institution/Investigator(s) notified of funding
  • Listed as Co-funder for specific project on
  • Provided annual update on funded project
Elle's Angels Foundation

Research Collaborator $5,000+

Current Collaborators
  • Funds applied generally to grant program (not specific grants).
  • Logo featured on Research Partner page on
  • Bi-annual meeting to learn about new grants.
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